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About Us

Once upon a time, a self confessed bibliophile was excited when they discovered candles that claimed to bring their favourite books to life though the power of scent. They excitedly unwrapped the packaging and lit the candles, waiting with bated breath to be transported into their favourite stories...but they were disappointed.

The scents were weak and didn't match the books they were supposed to represent. They were smoky, sooty and not all what they expected. Being an inventive sort, they thought they could do better!

They used the best quality soy wax, which was vegan and environmentally friendly. They filled the candles to the brim with high quality fragrance oils and packaged them with labels that evoked the fantastic characters and places they loved.

The result was high quality candles that took them far and away into their favourite books, and they're ready to share them with you all.

So The Reading Room Candle Co. was born...

...and grew into The Candle Rooms!

...and then we got to open our doors!

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